Clarifying what Important Work is


I was recently asked by a friend how she can find out what her Important Work is. I realised as we chatted that she thought that her Important Work was supposed to be something grandiose and far reaching (I suspect that’s something to do with the capital “I” and the “W”!) and that was why she was having trouble identifying it. It made me think that it would be worth writing a quick, simple explanation of how I see Important Work.

A clear and simple plan and modest intensions

Far from being grandiose, I see Important Work as simply the next thing you need to get done to move your current project along a step, which in turn is a part of your Big Picture. I’ll try and explain with a concrete example from my own Important Work:

  • My Big Picture: Learning (and showing others) how to be Sustainably Creative
  • Current Project: My A Positive No book
  • Next Step: Make a drawing for the cover

So I need a clear Big Picture, a project that is inline with the Big Picture (preferably one that can easily be done in 20 minute chunks of time) and a simple (20 minute) next step towards completing my project.

That in a nutshell what Important Work is and how to get it done.

The free Important Work Letter

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