I’m counting down to the publication of Drawing Your Life!

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I'm very excited

I'm very excited. My new book, Drawing Your Life, is due to be published by Perigee/Penguin on 5th March.

As well as encouraging readers to pick up a pen or pencil and draw, the book is also about taking manageable, regular steps to get where we want to go, enjoying the small things in life along the way.

I made the book one page at a time and I hope everyone who reads and draws in it will enjoy it in the same way.

Counting down!

I'm counting down the days to publication (literally!). This is the first time I've had a book published by a publisher—until now I've published my own work, and so this is a very new experience and a VERY exciting one. I really want the launch to go well and I hope you'll join me in celebrating when the book is out.

I'm planning to declare March A Month of Celebrating when I hope we can all take time to share and celebrate our creative triumphs (you probably know that I'm a bit fan of celebrating our creative steps).

I hope you'll join me then, but before that I'd really appreciate some help in making the launch of the book go as well as possible.

Ways you can help

  1. Pre-order a copy of the book from your favourite real world or online bookshop (I also have a very limited number of signed copies available which you can order here).

  2. Spread the word by telling your friends about the book the next time you meet up for a cuppa or chat on the phone.

  3. Talk about the book on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc (I'm very happy to answer questions about the book via email or to schedule some interviews).

  4. Join me in being excited! You can watch the days to publication count down in the sidebar here on Sustainably Creative and I'll also be posting regular countdowns to Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Spread the word using one of the buttons below.

Thank you!