I'm counting down to the publication of Drawing Your Life!

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# I’m very excited

I’m very excited. My new book, **Drawing Your Life**, is due to be published by [Perigee/Penguin][6] on 5th March.

As well as encouraging readers to pick up a pen or pencil and draw, the book is also about taking manageable, regular steps to get where we want to go, enjoying the small things in life along the way.

I made the book one page at a time and I hope everyone who reads and draws in it will enjoy it in the same way.

### Counting down!

I’m counting down the days to publication (literally!). This is the first time I’ve had a book published by a publisher—until now I’ve published my own work, and so this is a very new experience and a VERY exciting one. I really want the launch to go well and I hope you’ll join me in celebrating when the book is out.

I’m planning to declare March **A Month of Celebrating** when I hope we can all take time to share and celebrate our creative triumphs (you probably know that I’m a bit fan of [celebrating our creative steps][1]).

I hope you’ll join me then, but before that I’d really appreciate some help in making the launch of the book go as well as possible.

### Ways you can help

1. Pre-order a copy of the book from your favourite real world or online bookshop (I also have a very limited number of signed copies available which you can order here).

2. Spread the word by telling your friends about the book the next time you meet up for a cuppa or chat on the phone.

3. Talk about the book on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc (I’m very happy to answer questions about the book [via email][5] or to schedule some interviews).

4. Join me in being excited! You can watch the days to publication count down in the sidebar here on **Sustainably Creative** and I’ll also be posting regular countdowns to [Facebook][8] and [Twitter][7].

5. Spread the word using one of the buttons below.

**Thank you!**

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[v]: http://www.sustainablycreative.com/counting-down/

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