Drawing Your Life

Drawing Your Life Would you like to draw more, learn to appreciate the small joys that life has to offer and find out about the power of taking small, regular steps towards reaching your creative goals?

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Appreciate your life one drawing at a time.

My new book Drawing Your Life was made one page at a time and aims to encourage you to pick up a pen or pencil, slow down and start to appreciate your life one drawing at a time.

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Drawing Your Life is available from your favourite real world or online bookseller.

Some people keep a written journal. Others collect photographs or create scrapbooks. Many post memories and ideas and random thoughts online. However, the truly intrepid will “draw” their lives.

Drawing Your Life is a unique guided journal that encourages you to discover the meaning and joy in the mundane. By creating a record of your days—one object or event at a time—you gain insight into your own life and come to understand how the ordinary becomes the extraordinary.

Equally fascinating is how you will learn to appreciate the immeasurable value of doing small things often—an approach to life and art that will result in a remarkable body of work created one simple act at a time.

Whether you’re a self-described artist or an inveterate doodler, or even if you find it a challenge to draw a credible stick figure, Michael Nobbs’ surprisingly intuitive prompts, suggestions, and encouragements—along with his own charming illustrations—will inspire you to take a journey of self-discovery as you “draw your life.”