Find ten things to draw!

Find ten things and draw themHere’s a good trick to get some drawing done.

  1. Pick a room in your house
  2. Set a timer for twenty minutes
  3. Quickly open cupboards, look on shelves, open drawers, etc and gather together ten things to draw. Don’t think about what you pick, just gather ten things.
  4. Draw as many of your things as you can. Don’t worry about how the drawings look, just draw!

Here’s what I’ve just found in my kitchen:

  1. A jar of marmite
  2. De-Icer
  3. Teapot
  4. Soup mug
  5. Oatcakes
  6. Tin of baked beans
  7. Bottle of wine
  8. Sherbert dip
  9. Bag of powdered milk
  10. Tin of caster sugar

What can you find?