Get One Thing Done

This gentle two week course will show you how to:

  • Choose your next creative project.
  • Focus on your work in regular manageable work sessions.
  • Finish what you’ve started!

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Set your own pace

Get One Thing Done was originally taught to a group of around fifty students back in June 2013.

The course is available again, this time in a format that allows you to set your own pace so that you can easily fit studying around your available energy and time.

Gentle encouragement

Through daily emails and audio prompts, sent over the period of two weeks, you’ll be lead through the process of picking a manageable creative project and gently encouraged to work on it to completion.

Course Outline

Week One

  • Day One: Welcome to the course!
  • Day Two: What is a creative project?
  • Day Three: Fine tuning your list of potential creative projects.
  • Day Four: Getting ready!
  • Day Five: Your first work session.

Week Two

  • Day One: Making sure you’re on track.
  • Day Two: Creating a visual record of your progress.
  • Day Three: Building a creative routine.
  • Day Four: Pacing.
  • Day Five: Bribery, celebration and a little discipline.
  • Day Six: It’s time to celebrate!

Week Three

  • Checking in: How have you been getting on?

Week Four

  • Final check-in: Building on your success.