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Hello, my name is Michael

Living a Creative Life

Back at the end of the 1990s I was diagnosed with ME/CFS and over the last two decades I've learnt a lot about building and maintaining a creative career with limited energy.

I'd like to show you how to do the same.

Step by step (and cup of tea by cup of tea!)

A Daily Podcast

Every weekday I record the One Thing Today podcast in which I invite you to join me for a cuppa and encourage you to take one small step to move your creative life on just a little.

Plus Gentle Encouragement And Lots More





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Getting Personal

What Current Members Are Saying

When I first alighted on the Sustainably Creative website I felt as if I had at last found a place after my own heart. This was home.

Michael’s courses and books are brilliant and the regular podcasts are very comforting and a great reminder to take things slowly but surely.

At our core, we are creative beings, but we need a guide, a coach and a little inspiration to get our best work done. Michael's journey, his insight and his own work provides that in spades. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Michael's approach to doing one small thing and noticing the small joys around us helps keep me focused and recognize when I'm pushing too hard or trying to do too much.

My full time work leaves me tired and with very little time and energy for my creative activities. The One Thing Today podcast and the resources on the website are invaluable for me in keeping me focussed, committed and being able to deal better with my own personal limitations.

Being a member of Sustainably Creative has become an essential part of my support network. Michael brings good humour, honesty and encouragement to his podcasts. And the online forum has not only given me ideas and reassurance, but also genuine friendships.

As someone who has low energy, hearing Michael talk about his work, what he is succeeding in and honestly talking about what he is struggling with is a real inspiration. It keeps me motivated to do my own creative work, regardless of how I am feeling. I really respect the power of twenty minutes!

Being a member of Sustainably Creative for three years now I can say my disabilities, which often cause me to lose heart, have continued but with hope and a new outlook on my creative life. Michael's site and podcasts have helped me immeasurably.

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