I’ve been podcasting for a couple years now. Below are the places you can listen:

The One Thing Today Podcast

**The One Thing Today** podcast is the cornerstone of the Sustainably Creative membership package.

Join me for a morning cuppa as I decide on the one thing I’m going to do each day to move my work on a little and hopefully encourage you to do the same.

You can listen to some sample episodes here. If you enjoy them why not make a regular date to meet up for a morning cuppa to plan your day with me? You can find out more about becoming Sustainably Creative subscribing member here.

**[Members][2] can access a complete archive of _One Thing Today_ episodes [here][1].**

[1]: http://onething.sustainablycreative.com/episodes
[2]: http://www.sustainablycreative.com/members/



AudioBooI began podcasting over on AudioBoo a couple of years ago. I loved the simplicity of the application and that it was necessary to remain brief. I started to think of the podcasts I recorded there as “micro-podcasts” (I’m a big fan of all things micro!). At a time of very limited energy I was able to record a short podcast with little effort.

There is an archive of around seventy micro-podcasts here chatting about drawing, staying sustainably creative and getting the Important Work done.

Once every couple of weeks I also record a free episode of my members-only podcast, **One Thing Today**, which is posted to AudioBoo as well as here on **Sustainably Creative**.

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