Stop comparing yourself to other people and get on with YOUR Important Work

Stop comparing: Draw a small tin of sardines instead of a large landscapeIt’s far too easy to waste your precious time and energy comparing yourself to other people. Stop comparing and make a commitment to get on with your Important Work instead.

Wasting energy trying to be someone else

I spent many years comparing myself to others, usually people with a lot more energy than I had. I even tried to emulate one or two of them with disastrous results for my own health. Eventually I realised that the only life I could live was mine. The only work I could make was MY work. It was high time that I stopped comparing other people.

Drawing a tin of sardines changed everything

It took me a long time to learn this, and not before I’d spent a number of years trying to be a landscape painter. I painted very large landscapes, because the artists I admired the most were landscape painters. One day, too exhausted to paint I drew a small tin of sardines instead. Suddenly I was on a new and far more personally authentic path.

Stop comparing! Focus on what’s truly important

At the start of the New Year, it feels timely to remind myself about the importance of not wasting my energy on comparing myself with others. Going into 2016 I shall continue to focus on what is really important to me. That way I can be confident that I’m giving myself the best chance of  leading the creative life that I’m meant to lead.

This strikes me as good advice for everyone, not just those of us with limited energy.

If you stop comparing yourself to others you’ll:

  • begin to discover what’s truly important to you.
  • have more time and energy to devote to your own creative journey.
  • feel FAR better about yourself.
  • suffer far less from those energy draining feelings of jealousy and inadequacy
  • be able to be inspired by others’ work rather than dragged down by it.

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